h1. Can I use Textpattern to do this? [todo]

Textpattern is endlessly customizable and extendable via templates and plugins. It’s also open source, so you can modify the code as required. So the short answer to that question is: yes, you can build pretty much any kind of site you like with Textpattern, if you’re willing to do the work.

You’ll find many examples of Textpattern-powered sites listed in the “Let’s See Yours, Then”:https://forum.textpattern.com/viewforum.php?id=6 forum.

TXP Magazine’s “txp sites gallery”:http://txpmag.com/all_sites and “sites collection by category”:http://txpmag.com/by_cat list some well-designed websites that use Textpattern.

If you break your requirements down into specific features and questions, you’ll find most of the answers in the “Textbook documentation”:http://textbook.textpattern.net/ and “this FAQ”:/faq/.

If what you really mean is, will someone please tell me how to do this, or can I just click a button and have my site look like this, or perhaps can I do this in the eight hours left before my deadline, we’ll leave you to work out the answers to those questions.