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How to display a caption with an image {#how-to-display-a-caption-with-an-image .sectionedit1#how_to_display_a_caption_with_an_image}

(This example assumes you’re using a default installation of Textpattern.)

  1. In the admin pages, click on Presentation→Forms.
  2. In the “default” form, on the third line from the top, insert the following code:
<txp:images auto_detect="article" >
  <txp:image />
  <txp:image_info type="caption" wraptag="div" class="img_cap" />
</txp:if_article_image />

Save the changes when you’re done.

  1. Click Content→Images and upload an image, such as this fine photograph of a toy car:

As part of the upload, you’ll notice a caption box. Type your caption here. On the “Images” list (pictured above), note the ID number Textpattern has automatically assigned to this image. It happens to be “4” in this case.

  1. Click Content→Write and write an article. In the “Article image” box, type in the ID of the photo you wish to use with the article. (“4” in this case.)

  1. Here’s the end result!