h1. What kind of websites does Textpattern do best? [todo]

We receive many questions about Textpattern’s strengths and limitations. Textpattern is best suited for websites that require several - though not necessarily all - of the following features:

  • News or Weblog-style chronological articles, perhaps organized into several distinct departments or sections.
  • Groups of articles organized by other means, like a FAQ, product catalogue or portfolio.
  • Single “static” pages, like an About or Contact page.
  • Images; either attached to articles (as in a photoblog), or displayed in a gallery.
  • File downloads.
  • Structure, presentation and content maintained separately.
  • Articles written by authors who don’t necessarily know HTML.

In other words, Textpattern is well suited for:

  • News, magazine, tutorial and review sites
  • Weblogs and photoblogs
  • websites for businesses and non-profit organizations
  • Online product catalogues
  • Portfolio and professional sites
  • Simple portals and file download sites

…or any website that includes several of those characteristics.

You’ll find many fine examples of Textpattern sites in "TXP Magazine's gallery":http://txpmag.com/all_sites/, at "We Love Textpattern(A Design Gallery Showcasing Textpattern Powered Sites)":http://welovetxp.com/ and on the “Let’s See Yours, Then”:https://forum.textpattern.com/viewforum.php?id=6 forum.

See also “Can I use Textpattern to do this?”:https://textpattern.com/faq/57/can-i-use-textpattern-to-do-this